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  • Age-graded running results
    Shows age-graded result based on your percentile rank against your age-group world record
  • Race Pace Calculator
    See what your pace was or figure out what pace you should run to hit a target time.
  • McMillan Running Calculator
    Absolutely amazing estimator of what your time at any distance will be based on previous results at any other distance.

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I need to lose 14 Pounds and 10 years to run a 3 hour marathon ... but that won't keep me from trying. I'm also breaking into personal training. My credentials? I've coached at the recreation department and YMCA levels. I finished 321st in the 2008 LA Marathon and have run about a dozen others. Not exactly Olympic material. But since I'm a writer by trade and crack myself up after I hit the wall and think about what I could have done differently, I thought I'd share some marathoning thoughts in the hopes that you'll get a grin when you hit the wall. Or maybe I'll even help you avoid hitting the wall, and you'll REALLY have a grin on your face.